Ford Rocam Thermostat Housing with Thermostat and Temperature Sensor

R 400.00


Ford Rocam Thermostat Housing for Bantam, Fiesta, Ikon and Ka 1.3 &  1.6 Models

Please refer to pictures to make sure that all pipe fittings are correct for your model.

All Housings come with a new thermostat and fan switch already fitted.

OEM Part Numbers:


BG4A 8A590 AA



Suitable Replacement for

FORDBANTAM [3] 1.3i03-08ROCAM 8V 55KW
FORDBANTAM [3] 1.6i03-08ROCAM 8V 70KW
FORDBANTAM [4] 1.3i09-12ROCAM 8V 55KW
FORDBANTAM [4] 1.6i09-12ROCAM 8V 70KW
FORDFIESTA [1] 1.3i98-03ROCAM 8V 44KW
FORDIKON [1] 1.300-06ROCAM 8V 55KW
FORDIKON [1] 1.601-06ROCAM 8V 70KW
FORDKA 1.3 Ambient Trend Collection05-09ROCAM 8V 51KW

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Parts Information

FordFiesta 1.3i1999
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2011
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2006
FordFiesta 1.3i2000
FordKa 1.3 Ambient Trend2009
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2010
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2005
FordFiesta 1.3i2001
FordKa 1.3 Ambient Trend2008
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2009
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2004
FordFiesta 1.3i2002
FordKa 1.3 Ambient Trend2007
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2008
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2003
FordFiesta 1.3i2003
FordKa 1.3 Ambient Trend2006
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2007
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2002
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2012
FordKa 1.3 Ambient Trend2005
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2006
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2001
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2011
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2003
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2005
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2006
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2010
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2002
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2004
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2005
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2009
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2001
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2003
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2004
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2008
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2000
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2003
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2007
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2006
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2002
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2006
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2005
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2001
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2005
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2004
FordIKON I 1.3i2006
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2004
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2003
FordIKON I 1.3i2005
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2003
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2002
FordIKON I 1.3i2004
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2012
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2001
FordFiesta 1.3i1998