BLN D334 Front Disc Brake Pads For Toyota Corolla, Conquest, Tazz and Ford Bantam

R 150.00


BLN D334 Front Disc Brake Pads for Toyota Conquest, Tazz, Corolla & Ford Bantam. Set of 4.


Please check to see if your vehicle and model are listed below

Part is compatible With :

1984 – 1993 : Corolla 1.3 (All Models)

1984 – 1988 : Corolla 1.6 ( All Models Except 1.6GLi)

1993 – 2002 : Corolla 130 (All Models)

1993 – 1997 : Corolla 160i GL & 160i GLE Models

2001 : Corolla 160i GL & 160i GLE Models

1993 – 1994 : Corolla 180i GL

1998 – 2001 : Corolla 180i GLE

1993 – 1997 : Corolla Sprinter 130, 160i, 180i Models

1993 – 1998 : Corolla 180i GLE & 180i GSE

1985 – 2001 : Conquest (All Models Except RSi Models)

1996 onwards: Tazz (All Models Except some 160i Models)

2001 onwards : Ford Ikon ( All Models)

2003 onwards : Ford Bantam LDV (All Models)

1996  – 2000 : Ford Escort 1.4i, 1.6i GL,  1.6i GLE, 1.6i Sport and 1.8i Models

1982 – 1984 : Mazda 323 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 FWD Models

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Parts Information

FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2005
FordIKON I 1.3i2005
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2011
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2003
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2004
FordIKON I 1.3i2004
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2010
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2002
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2003
FordFiesta 1.4i FUN2003
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2009
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2001
FordFiesta 1.4i FUN2002
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2008
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2006
FordFiesta 1.4i FUN2001
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2007
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2005
FordFiesta 1.4i FUN2000
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2006
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2004
FordFiesta 1.4i FUN1999
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2005
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2003
FordFiesta 1.4i FUN1998
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2004
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2002
FordIKON I 1.6i LX2001
FordFiesta Duratec 1.4i2008
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2003
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2006
FordFiesta Duratec 1.4i2007
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2003
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2012
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2005
FordFiesta Duratec 1.4i2006
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2002
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2011
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2004
FordFiesta Duratec 1.4i2005
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2001
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2010
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2003
FordFiesta Duratec 1.4i2004
FordFiesta 1.6 RSI2000
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2009
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2008
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2002
FordFiesta Duratec 1.4i2003
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2006
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2007
FordIKON I 1.3i LX2001
FordFiesta 1.3i2003
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2005
FordBantam 1.3i Rocam2006
FordIKON I 1.3i2006
FordBantam 1.6i Rocam2012
FordIKON I 1.6i CLX2004