Air Filter For Toyota Corolla & Runx 2003 – 2007, Avensis, 86, Verso I and Subaru BRZ – Import Brand Filter

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Air Filter For Toyota Corolla & Runx 2003 – 2007, Avensis, 86, Verso I and Subaru BRZ – Import Brand Filter

 This air filter is compatible with all

2003 – 2007 : Toyota Corolla 140i(All), 160i(All) and 180i(All) Models

2003 – 2007 :  Toyota RunX 140i(All), 160i(All) and 180i(All including RSI) Models

2013 – on : Subaru BRZ 2.0 Models

2012 – on  : Toyota 86 2.0 Models

2004 – 2009 : Toyota Corolla Verso 160 and 180 Models

2006 – 2009 : Toyota Avensis 2.0 and 2.4 Models

Cross Reference Codes

Toyota : 17801-22020

GUD : AG1098

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Parts Information

ToyotaRunX 140i R2007
ToyotaVerso 160 SX2005
ToyotaAvensis 2.02007
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLS2002
ToyotaCorolla 180i GSX2002
ToyotaRunX 160i RT2006
ToyotaVerso 180 SX2009
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLS2005
ToyotaCorolla 180i2004
ToyotaRunX 140i R2006
ToyotaVerso 1602009
ToyotaAvensis 2.02006
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLE2007
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLS2007
ToyotaRunX 160i RT2005
ToyotaVerso 180 SX2008
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLS2004
ToyotaCorolla 180i2003
ToyotaRunX 140i R2005
ToyotaVerso 1602008
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLE2006
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLS2006
ToyotaRunX 160i RT2004
ToyotaVerso 180 SX2007
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLS2003
ToyotaCorolla 180i2002
ToyotaRunX 140i R2004
ToyotaVerso 1602007
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLE2005
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLS2005
ToyotaRunX 160i RT2003
ToyotaVerso 180 SX2006
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLS2002
ToyotaCorolla 160i Sprinter2007
ToyotaCorolla 160i Sprinter2006
ToyotaRunX 140i R2003
ToyotaVerso 1602006
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLE2004
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLS2004
ToyotaRunX 160 Sport2007
ToyotaVerso 180 SX2005
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLE2007
ToyotaCorolla 160i GSX2007
ToyotaRunX 140 Sport2007
ToyotaVerso 1602005
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLE2003
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLS2003
ToyotaRunX 160 Sport2006
ToyotaVerso 180 SX2004
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLE2006
ToyotaCorolla 160i GSX2006
ToyotaRunX 140 Sport2006
ToyotaRunX 180 RX2007
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLE2002
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLS2002
ToyotaRunX 160 RS2007
ToyotaVerso 1802009
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLE2005
ToyotaCorolla 160i GSX2005
ToyotaRunX 140 RS2005
ToyotaRunX 180 RX2006
ToyotaCorolla 160i2007
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLE2007
ToyotaRunX 160 RS2006
ToyotaVerso 1802008
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLE2004
ToyotaCorolla 160i GSX2004
ToyotaRunX 140 RS2004
ToyotaRunX 180 RX2005
ToyotaCorolla 160i2006
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLE2006
ToyotaRunX 160 RS2005
ToyotaVerso 1802007
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLE2003
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLE2002
ToyotaCorolla 160i GSX2003
ToyotaCorolla 180i Sprinter2007
ToyotaRunX 180 RX2004
ToyotaCorolla 160i2005
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLE2005
ToyotaRunX 160 RS2004
ToyotaVerso 1802006
ToyotaAvensis 2.42009
ToyotaCorolla 160i GSX2002
ToyotaCorolla 180i Sprinter2006
ToyotaRunX 160i RX2007
ToyotaCorolla 160i2004
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLE2004
ToyotaRunX 160 RS2003
ToyotaVerso 1802005
ToyotaAvensis 2.42008
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLS2007
ToyotaCorolla 180i GSX2007
ToyotaRunX 160i RX2006
ToyotaCorolla 160i2003
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLE2003
ToyotaRunX 140i RT2007
ToyotaVerso 1802004
ToyotaVerso 160 SX2009
ToyotaAvensis 2.42007
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLS2006
ToyotaCorolla 180i GSX2006
ToyotaRunX 160i RX2005
ToyotaCorolla 140i Sprinter2007
ToyotaCorolla 180i GLE2002
ToyotaRunX 140i RT2006
ToyotaVerso 160 SX2008
ToyotaAvensis 2.42006
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLS2005
ToyotaCorolla 180i GSX2005
ToyotaRunX 160i RX2004
ToyotaCorolla 140i Sprinter2006
ToyotaCorolla 180i2007
ToyotaRunX 140i RT2005
ToyotaVerso 160 SX2007
ToyotaAvensis 2.02009
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLS2004
ToyotaCorolla 180i GSX2004
ToyotaRunX 160i RX2003
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLS2007
ToyotaCorolla 180i2006
ToyotaRunX 140i RT2004
ToyotaVerso 160 SX2006
ToyotaAvensis 2.02008
ToyotaCorolla 160i GLS2003
ToyotaCorolla 180i GSX2003
ToyotaRunX 160i RT2007
ToyotaCorolla 140i GLS2006
ToyotaCorolla 180i2005
ToyotaRunX 140i RT2003